Round 12 Grants  ||  2020

Threadhead Cultural Foundation will be accepting applications for 2020-2021 between 9/23/20 and 10/23/20.  Below are links to download the Grant Application Guidelines and Application to Receive a Grant.

Making An Application

You have…

  1. Checked if you are eligible to apply for the grant
  2. Decided how much you need to apply for

Now you are ready to complete an application!
Download the application pack below.

Is there a deadline date?

Applications for 2020 must be submitted or postmarked by the 10/23/20 deadline to be considered for funding.  Late, revised, or updated applications will not be accepted.

What Happens Next?

When will my application be considered?
Applications for 2020 grants will be considered by the THCF Grant Review Committee and Board of Directors between October 24 and November 30, 2020.

Successful Applications
When your application has been assessed by the THCF Grant Review Committee and Board of Directors, you will receive correspondence from us informing you of the Board’s decision. If you have been awarded a grant, this correspondence may also identify additional conditions of the grant being allocated to you. Included in this communication, you will also receive a Grant Recipient Agreement form which sets out the full conditions of the grant and any additional conditions. This Agreement should be signed by the grant applicant(s), who will be receiving and utilizing the grant funds. No grant monies will be paid out by THCF until the Grant Recipient Agreement is signed and returned to THCF. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing to the conditions set out therein, and failure to comply with these conditions may result in the grants being reclaimed by the grantor.The conditions of the grant include the timely completion of a final report with the required supplemental materials documenting that the project was completed within the terms and conditions of the Agreement. Final reports should include: a narrative report, a completed budget showing all actual revenues and expenses associated with the project, including the grant funds, copies of materials crediting Threadhead Cultural Foundation as a sponsor or contributor, and copies of print or other media coverage, such as news articles, calendar listings and reviews.This information, which should be completed at the end of the project/activity, provides the the Board of Directors with important information on how the grants are being spent. It also helps the Threadhead Cultural Foundation identify future priorities for targeting funding.

IMPORTANT: Before the Foundation will disburse grant funding to the grant recipients, the grant recipient must submit invoices, receipts or other documentation to confirm that the funds were used to produce the Project. The Foundation may pay for submitted expenses directly, or may reimburse the grant recipient, depending upon the needs of each specific project.

At the discretion of the Threadhead Cultural Foundation, any portion of the grant funds not disbursed asset forth herein by December 3, 2021, may no longer be available to any grant recipients who are not timely in completing their projects. Grant recipients are encouraged to communicate frequently with the Foundation regarding any delays or other unforeseen circumstances that may postpone completion of their projects

Please note:

  • No grant payments will be made until the signed Grant Recipient Agreement has been returned.
  • It is the responsibility of the grant applicant/recipient(s) to ensure that the form is completed and returned within the designated time frame.
  • Failure to provide the necessary information may result in the grant being reclaimed by the Foundation.

Links for downloading forms:

Application Guidelines 2020 Round 12
Application 2020 Round 12
Grant Recipient Agreement Round 12

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