In 2009, the non-profit Threadhead Cultural Foundation 501(c)(3) was launched to promote the cultural heritage of New Orleans through grants and assistance to musicians, artists, and others involved in endeavors relating to music and other artistic expressions whose work is in the tradition of preserving, promoting and disseminating the cultural heritage of New Orleans and the surrounding area of Louisiana. The Foundation raises funds through memberships, fundraising events and donations. Funds raised are granted to artists and artistic projects through an application process usually conducted in the Fall of each year… quite simply, the more we raise, the more artists and projects we can assist. We invite you to visit our site often for updates on our projects and events, and if you want more information on the Foundation and its activities, contact us. For information on the history and activities of Threadheads, visit www.threadheads.org.
The Foundation has an organization profile, including copies of Form 990-EZ tax returns, on Guidestar, the leading nonprofit information website.  Our profile can be viewed at www.guidestar.org.

Overview of being a Threadhead

Threadhead Cultural Foundation Board of Directors


Ken Cryer, President

Frank Williford, Chairman of the Board

Heather McCamey, Treasurer

Dan Griffin, Director

Paul Cooper, Director

Jessica Rosgaard, Director

Vachelle Manly, Director